Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce announces development with BISHOP SOLUTIONS

October 10, 2016
Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce announces development with BISHOP SOLUTIONS

TERRE HAUTE, IND. – The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce (THCC) announced today a software development agreement with Bishop Solutions (BISHOP), a Terre Haute based, national services company, to replace its existing member management software and web services with a locally developed, visualization solution.
“BISHOP is an innovative, forward-thinking company and it is always beneficial for the Chamber to partner with someone who is taking a fresh approach to the information and services we can provide,” said Kristin Craig, Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce Vice President.

The decision was based upon BISHOP’s established reputation for successfully providing similar services to community groups in the Wabash Valley and its national reputation in the public sector governmental work. In July 2016, BISHOP released new services for Downtown Terre Haute Inc., providing a visual interface to explore downtown Terre Haute. Proposed services for the Chamber of Commerce will expand on this model, offering additional services to Chamber members in addition to supporting a visual exploration system.
“Chambers do a great job of networking local business together,” said Thomas M. Manson, BISHOP CEO. “But what they really need are methods that allow the public to interact with the Chamber, and for individual Chamber members to interact with the public.
A key component of the new Chamber services will be integration with existing Google services and other social media platforms. BISHOP recently leveraged its relationship with national Google authorized photographers to visualize four Chamber member businesses utilizing an internal version of Google Street View. Google Street View is a web and mobile application that displays panoramic views of streets and public spaces worldwide.
In the past few years, Google has expanded this service to include interior views of business. The process involves shooting hundreds of images and then stitching together, permitting site visitors to take virtual tours. Included in the initial round of imaged locations were: The Deming, The Indiana Theater, The Saratoga, and Swope Art Museum. An internet search for any of these locations will provide links allowing fully virtual tours of their interiors.
Manson said that Terre Haute’s rich history presents the need to increase awareness of products, services, and opportunity. “Terre Haute is a fantastic community full of potential and, most recently, development. Unfortunately, most people haven’t seen these places [recently], The Indiana Theater and The Swope are two examples of what makes our community special. We want people to experience these places.”
In addition to various visualization-based services, BISHOP’s proposed development for the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce will feature several sector-based amenities, such as regional real estate and employment listings, and legal and medical applications.

Manson, said, most importantly, Chamber members can interact together online for the first time. “It’s not just about Google interior views, it is about providing better services, better value, to The Chamber and its members. We want to provide an online framework that allows members to engage one another in discussion. And a system that allows members to better support their businesses.”
“BISHOP is dedicated to moving Terre Haute’s products, services, and professionalism forward and we are pleased that THCC shares our vision,” Manson said. “The Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce understands that BISHOP will deliver an interface and administrative backend adequate to their needs; but what we are really trying to do is provide vision for the direction of our community.”
In support of this vision, BISHOP recently held a series of training seminars on social media and its application to local business. Over 20 business and marketing leaders from surrounding business attended the 4-hour sessions, at the ONI Risk Partners building on Wabash Ave. in Downtown Terre Haute. BISHOP has provided national instructors to facilitate the training programs and commissioned local staff to develop the student materials and presentation.
“With its skilled presenters, BISHOP has allowed us to provide high-quality educational opportunities to our members at a very low cost,” Craig said. “And, with the assistance of our business community, we have been able to make this a complete series, again creating a truly meaningful and valuable experience.”

BISHOP is working with several local Universities on service proposals and has been awarded contracts with local clients, including the Downtown Terre Haute Farmers Market and Vigo County Parks and Recreation.

About the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce
Established in 1913, the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce is committed to creating a community that is a great place to live, work and do business. The mission of the THCC is to preserve, protect and promote a business friendly environment free of obstacles to growth and development.

For more information, please visit or contact them at 812.232.2391.

BISHOP SOLUTIONS is a full-service web development company located in Terre Haute, IN. The data and visualization management provider works closely with businesses to optimize online administration, monetization, digital presence, and customer satisfaction. BISHOP SOLUTIONS has been a member of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce since 2016. For more information, please visit
Logo and imagery for Bishop Solutions available on request.

Interested persons may request additional information at or by phone at 812.232.4200.

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