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Downtown Terre Haute Farmers Market

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Solutions deployed:
Farmers’ Market Solution™

The Downtown Terre Haute Farmers Market, a regional, seasonal farmers market, which hosts Saturday markets with several dozen vendors in an open-air setting, needed to provide value to its vendors and market and product information to its site visitors and weekly market customers.

The solution deployed was: Market Solution™.

Unlike any currently available web-based service for farmers markets, Market Solution™ created an entirely new interface for vendors and users alike.  Built upon a robust vendor backend, products can be uploaded to a centralized database which connects available products, images and description, with specific market dates.  Visitors/customers can, from the public front end, then select a market date revealing available products.  Products can then be purchased via a direct vendor interface, allowing the market to function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Products can be picked up at the weekly market or arranged for pick up.
The solution also dynamically shows vendor farm locations, allows for easy vendor onboarding, and has a Board of Directors forum which allows for discussion and asynchronous voting.

The Market Solution™ also provides a mini program which allows Market Masters to create weekly overviews of the market itself, clearly showing vendor locations.  Vendor locations on the mini-map are also linked to the vendor’s available products for particular markets.