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Downtown Terre Haute

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Solutions deployed:
MainStreet Solution™

Downtown Terre Haute, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, dedicated to the revitalization and support of approximately 240 square blocks at the historical and commercial center of Terre Haute, Indiana, needed a replacement for its existing Association and Membership management systems.

The solution deployed was: MainStreet Solution™.

The solution utilized for this historic downtown / college town was designed to engage both visitors to the website, and physical visitors in the downtown itself, while creating an economic engine to support the 501(c)(3) itself.  Prior the development of this solution this MainStreet association was unable to produce active revenue from its web services, relying on the city government, local universities and business for financial support.
The solution combined elements of social media feeds(Instagram), Google Street View (interior and exterior to show locations and business inside and out), and dynamic mapping to allow visitors to find (and visualize) interesting places near them.  The solution also provided easy onboarding of new members, advertisers and sponsors, and most importantly, volunteers.  Financial sustainability was also provided by allowing business to engage at various price points tied to web and physical marketing services.  A dedicates section for donations was also provided.

The MainStreet Solution™ used in this solution addressed the needs of various stakeholders including: visitors (physical and virtual), business in the downtown region, and association management and Board of Directors.