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Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce

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Solutions deployed:
Chamber Solution™
CRM Solution™

Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, a regional Chamber of Commerce with more than 700 members, needed a replacement for its existing Association and Membership management systems; additionally, a new CRM solution was needed to handle increasing sales.

The deployed solution included components of several solutions including: Chamber Solution™ and CRM Solution™.

The current solution is optimized to allow new business to easily join the Chamber, providing them with robust services including: media management of ribbon cuttings and events, calendar postings, and direct marketing to fellow Chamber members and to the purchasing public.  The public side of the solution offers dynamic mapping of Chamber members, integration with social media and Google services, visualized employment and housing searches.  The administrative side offers Chamber managers instant access to all Chamber data including automated invoicing, calendars, event registration, DRIP marketing, and detailed financial reporting.

The CRM Solution™ is utilized to provide the sales teams with lead qualification and account management.  CRM Solution™ is also directly connected to the Chamber Solution™ providing easy migration (and invoicing) of potential clients into Chamber members.