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Our Creative Process


01. Design

Bishop Solutions is known for designing industry-first, industry-disruptive solutions which upend existing software models

02. Develop

Bishop Solutions is known for developing solutions which provide visually dynamic interfaces which serve the needs of administrators, existing consumers and on-boarding potential clients.

03. Deploy

Bishop Solutions is known for deploying our mobile friendly solutions on Best-of-Class, Cloud-Based servers, making the solution the effective destination for both our clients and their clients.

Police Technical

Division: Enterprise Solutions deployed: Training Solution™ CRM Solution™ Lifecycle Solution™   Police Technical, a national training company which provides technical training services to law enforcement personnel throughout North America, needed…

Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce

Division: Cities and Towns Solutions deployed: Chamber Solution™ CRM Solution™ Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, a regional Chamber of Commerce with more than 700 members, needed a replacement for its…

Downtown Terre Haute Farmers Market

Division: Cities and Towns Solutions deployed: Farmers’ Market Solution™ The Downtown Terre Haute Farmers Market, a regional, seasonal farmers market, which hosts Saturday markets with several dozen vendors in an…

Downtown Terre Haute

Division: Cities and Towns Solutions deployed: MainStreet Solution™ Downtown Terre Haute, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, dedicated to the revitalization and support of approximately 240 square blocks at the…

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Client Solutions

What Our Clients Are Saying


Kristin Craig
VP, Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce

Bishop Solutions is one of the most visionary partners I’ve ever worked with, and our members will be the ultimate beneficiaries. We have a fully-customized, streamlined solution for our website and database needs, which has allowed us to leverage internal efficiency in order to better serve our member needs. I would recommend Bishop Solutions to anyone who is looking to take their company to the next level.

Marc Evans
President, DTH Inc.

We decided to create a state-of-the-art, interactive website that’s going to be for downtown. Actually, the whole community can be involved.  You can see well over 600 business in the downtown area. [Bishop Solutions] is the driving force behind this.

Tom Manson
CEO, Police Technical

Bishop Solutions grew from internal development within our then parent company, Police Technical.  As Bishops’ first client we recognized early on that we were creating unique, best of class solutions.  We built the first versions of many of the currently available solutions internally for our own company [Police Technical].  It’s very gratifying to see them now shared and available to the world.

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